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What is the INTJ Personality?

INTJ Personality

A lot of people confuse having a distinct type of personality with personality disorders. This is far from the truth. In fact some types of personalities are gifted with great skills of living and intelligence which actually make them benefit from life in certain ways. The INTJ personality stands for “Introverted iNtutive Thinking Judging” personality. As the name suggests, INTJs are mostly introverts, with a highly developed capacity of analyzing and making up opinions about people in a short time.

Typical Features of INTJ

An individual with an INTJ personality is very observant. A greater portion of their time and lives is spent analyzing the people and issues around themselves. They are mostly introverts, though certain INTJs can appear to be extroverts in social situations. This aberration simply happens because the person intentionally creates a veil in the form of an extrovert persona, behind which he can hid his true self. INTJs can analyze a problem and are motivated towards finding a solution to be applied in practicality. INTJs don’t believe in hypothetical or theoretical reasoning, and every thought is action oriented. Their organized though process coupled with their intuitive and insightful nature makes them great scientists or researchers. They make very bright students and are very receptive to novel thinking. New ideas are very easily, understood soon and quickly adapted by an INTJ personality to bring into action.


INTJs are born leaders. An INTJ personality has a natural need to be in action, to reach out and achieve. INTJs can even carry the dead load of a group towards a goal if they have their minds set on it. They are full of ambition and perseverance and thus make good candidates in the shoes of a leader. However due to their introverted nature, they can often be found leading from behind the scenes and prefer to keep it this way unless they sense an immediate need to step into the spotlight. Here too they can pull of leadership and mentor roles with great skill and panache. They are great strategists, though they can have trouble convincing a team because of their highly individualized forms of ideas.

Social Repercussions

Socially INTJs are not very adept at making friends. They are often thought of as conceited and arrogant due to their inability to accept a new idea if it fails to complement theirs or logically prove useful on their standards. INTJs also show little or no aptitude for understanding things beyond the logical realm of reason. This may make them appear insensitive to other people and their feelings. This is partially true as an INTJ personality would not let emotions intervene with his thought process. This does not mean that they have a deliberate intention to hurt or ignore others, but simply implies that their priority list is different. They can get pretty severe and vocal about their dislike of inefficiency and disorganization. This can make them pretty unpopular in social circles.

NTJs have a great potential as leaders and researchers. They can work wonders with academic pursuits and in their professional lives. Their socially inept nature does not bother them much, because for them a greater world lies beyond social acceptance.



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