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Personality Traits List

Personality Traits List

In the field of psychology, there are five main dimensions of a personality that is used to describe a personality type. These five main dimensions are known as the Big Five factors or Five Factor Model. These main dimensions have been arrived at by empirical, data driven research. Though the initial model was proposed and advanced by Raymon Cristal and Ernest Tupes in 1961, it was only in 1990s that the refined five factor model was advanced by J M Digman. These five main domains cover most of the personality traits and are assumed to represent the basic structure behind all personality types. These factors are given below.

Openness: This is characterized by general appreciation for adventure, art, imagination, curiosity, unusual ideas and a variety of experiences. These individuals are known to be more creative and inventive and aware of their feelings.

Conscientiousness: Individuals who display this trait are dutiful, self disciplined and they aim for achievement. This trait is more associated with efficiency in individuals rather than being careless. Individuals falling under this category rarely tend to show spontaneous behavior.

Extraversion: This trait is often related to individuals who are energetic and outgoing and tend exude positive emotions, energy, and a tendency to seek stimulation while in others company. They are enthusiastic and also action oriented and these individuals often tend to draw a lot of attention to themselves when in a group.

Agreeableness: This trait is often characterized by the tendency of individuals to be cooperative and compassionate towards others than being suspicious. They strive to get along with others in the society and are generally friendly, warm, hospitable, willing to compromise, generous and helpful. They also have a very optimistic view of life and believe in people.

Emotional instability or Neuroticism: Individuals with this trait are more prone to experience a plethora of negative emotions such as depression, anxiety and anger. They are vulnerable to stress and are often reactive.

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