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Type C Personality Traits

Type A and Type B personality types were first mentioned way back in 1950s. However over the years psychologists realized that not all groups of people could be classified under these personality types. This lead to two more personality types being defined and classified, namely type C and Type D.

Individuals with type C personality types are often known as the direct opposite of type B personality types. These individuals are often introverts and have an eye for detail. These individuals also tend to be perfectionists and strive for accuracy in whatever they do.

Type C individuals are also thoughtful and are deep thinkers. They like to know the details of each and every task at hand and have a need to know why things are the way they are. Their personality traits makes them best suited for technical jobs that requires an exceptional eye for detail such as engineers or accountants. These individuals also tend to be patient, yet they are not capable of expressing their emotions freely. Most of the times, these individuals ignore their feelings. They also lack assertiveness and cannot hold their ground when faced with opposition, even if it means that they get hurt in the process. They also have an innate tendency to please people around them.

As these individuals are not capable of expressing their feelings or emotions, they often tend to suffer from depression and stress when compared to other personality types. Asthma, Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are some of the most common diseases to affect Type C individuals.

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