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Type D Personality & Traits

Type D Personality Traits

Type D personality individuals have a joint tendency towards social inhibition and negative affectivity. These individuals are characterized by their worrying habit, irritability, lack of self assurance and gloom. These individuals often experience increased negative emotions and these individuals too do not tend to share their emotions easily with others due to the fear or rejection or disapproval. D stands for distressed in Type D personality type and these individuals are also known as distressed individuals as they display a high level of emotional distress even though they try to suppress their feelings.

Individuals who resist change in any form and enjoy a set routine for the whole of their lives are usually people who fall under the Type D personality group. These individuals do not tend to be adventurous and often resist responsibility. Individuals with type D personality type often tend to suffer from heart diseases and other stress related diseases. They are more susceptible to coronary diseases and often such individuals tend to have a poor quality of life.

As these individuals detest any type of changes in their routine or day to day life, these are mostly suitable for clerical jobs. Security and benefits motivate individuals classified under Type D personality type.

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